Koshland Scholarship

Koshland Scholarships

The Koshland Endowment supports CalTeach students as they explore teaching, work towards an Education minor degree or take the path to a career in teaching. Detailed information is below. Please reach out to the CalTeach team with any questions about our scholarhips programs.

Excellence in Teaching Scholarship

Deadline: December 1st, January 1st, and April 1st

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Each semester Cal Teach awards “Excellence in Teaching” scholarships to science, math, and engineering majors working towards becoming K–12 math and science teachers. Koshland Endowment Scholarship awardees are selected on the basis of their commitment to K–12 math and science teaching, academic performance, and financial need. This scholarship program is funded through the generous support of the Koshland Family Foundation.

This scholarship honors exceptional CalTeach Students and their personal commitment to K-12 STEM education, working to become high caliber teachers, and demonstrate financial need. Award amounts vary and applications are open to all CalTeach students.

Students Shaping Learning Scholarship

In recognition of advanced students engaged in the last course of the CalTeach minor sequence, only students enrolled in EDSTEM 187 will be eligible for the Students Shaping Learning Scholarship ($300). Students must create project-based curricula for presentation as part of a 45-hour field placement in an urban high school classroom. Lesson plans should demonstrate educational theory, the usefulness of technology in achieving learning objectives, inquiry methods, alternative assessments tools appropriate for project-based instruction, and plan exercises that promotes equitable and diverse participation so that all students have an opportunity to learn.

Apprentice Teacher Scholarship

Honoring Berkeley CalTeach students committed to becoming K-12 math and science teachers, this scholarship is awarded to pre-service teacher candidates in EDSTEM 303 only.

Eligibility Requirements

In addition to the course based eligibilty, as noted above, Cal Teach uses the following criteria when selecting recipients:

  • Commitment to K–12 school math or science teaching
  • Prospective or declared Cal Teach minor
  • Exploring or earning a teaching credential
  • Demonstrates financial need
  • Current undergraduate at UC Berkeley

*Open to Undocumented and International students.

Subject Matter Competency Scholarship

Deadline: October 20th, March 15th

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To apply to our teaching credential program, students will need to have taken and passed all required subtests of California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) in their desired teaching subject area. In recognition of future math and science student teachers, we are offering the Subject Matter Competency Scholarship ($300) to help offset the cost of acquiring a preliminary credential. Only students enrolled in their last course of the Science and Mathematics Education sequence or those who have completed all minor classes are eligible to apply for the Subject Matter Competency Scholarship, proof of exam registration is required. Please email advising_calteach@berkeley.edu with proof of registration to apply for an award or questions by March 15 (spring semester) or October 20 (fall semester). Students who have taken EDSTEM187 before Spring 2018 are ineligible for the Subject Matter Competency Scholarship.