Scholarships & Opportunities

CalTeach offers multiple scholarship opportunities for outstanding undergraduates interested in pursuing a career in education. We also have numerous research, internship, summer, and general work opportunities for those interested in STEM education. To find out more, contact us at sends e-mail).

Summer Programs

CalTeach summer programs include opportunities to participate in a campus research lab, tutor students from local districts, or get a jump on the CalTeach minor by taking a class through Summer Sessions.

Summer Research Institute

The CalTeach Summer Institute draws students from across the UC system to participate in research experiences on the Berkeley campus. Students spend most of their time working with faculty or post-doc research mentors, and also participate in a weekly seminar series that explores how to bring research methods into middle and high school classrooms. This course, EDSTEM 189, satisfies the CalTeach minor research methods requirement.

Noyce Internships

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Noyce Internships are paid summer tutoring opportunities for undergraduates interested in education.

Summer Sessions

CalTeach offers EDSTEM 82 and EDUC 130 during the summer. This is a great way to engage in math and science teaching with younger students, explore what the CalTeach program has to offer, and satisfy the prerequisite requirement for EDUC 130 or EDUC 131AC, respectively, and get ahead in the CalTeach minor.