Our program offers two scholarship opportunities for outstanding undergraduates interested in pursuing a career in education.

The Noyce Scholarship

CalTeach Robert Noyce Scholarships are part of a nation-wide National Science Foundation effort to provide tuition relief to aspiring K–12 math and science teachers. For further details please visit the Noyce Scholarships page.

The Koshland Scholarship

Koshland Scholarships are awarded by CalTeach each semester to undergraduates aspiring to become K–12 math or science teachers, and are sponsored by the Koshland Family Foundation.

We offer a series of scholarships such as:

  • Travel Hurdle
  • Live-scan Stipend
  • Apprentice Teacher Scholarship
  • Subject Matter Competency Scholarship

For further details please visit the Koshland Scholarships page.

Interested in other opportunities?  See the Other Teaching Scholarships page.