Class Schedules

Fall 2022 Classes

**Note: please enroll in HISTORY 182CT: 32854 for CalTeach and NOT C182C: 32173**

Summer 2022 Classes

Spring 2022 Classes

Fall 2021 Classes

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Spring 2021 Schedules
EDSTEM 82K–8 Teaching & Lesson DesignM4-6pRemoteLaws333242
EDSTEM 82K–8 Teaching & Lesson DesignTu4-6pRemoteOsler333252
EDSTEM 82TK-12 Tutoring in Science and MathematicsW5-7pRemoteBland333272
EDSTEM 82K–8 Teaching & Lesson DesignTh5-7pRemoteWarburton333262
EDUC 131ACClassroom Interactions in Science and MathematicsW3-6pRemoteSchoenfeld293843
EDUC 131ACClassroom Interactions in Science and MathematicsTu5-8pRemoteGolub293853
HIST 182ATScience, Technology, and SocietyTuThu2-3:30pRemoteWesner251344
""Discussion 101F10a-12pRemoteParker26552-
""Discussion 102F1-3pRemoteParker26553-
EDSTEM 187Project-Based InstructionW5-8pRemoteSpencer333094
UGIS/EDUC C122Research Methods for Science and Mathematics K-12 TeachersTuTh12-2pRemoteGerard271263
EDSTEM 303Apprentice Teaching in Science and MathematicsTh4-7pRemoteTBD333282-3