K-12 Tutoring Program

The CalTeach Tutoring Program was created to support students in virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As public health situations are changing, CalTeach cannot guarantee that this tutoring program will continue for future semesters. We will update this page with the status of this program. Thank you for your interest!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have shifted to a virtual model for our field placements. CalTeach students are placed either in a mentor teacher K-12 STEM classroom OR paired with a Bay Area family for 1:1 K-12 STEM tutoring. If you are placed in a mentor teacher classroom, the guidelines for this are similar to the ones Field Placement page. If you are placed in a 1:1 tutoring placement, this page has information pertinent to both CalTeach students/tutors and parent/guardians of tutees.

For Students

The process for receiving your virtual field placement is similar to that described on the Field Placement page. The Student Services Coordinator and Peer Advisor(s) will enter your CalTeach course in the third week of school, where you will be able to find placements that match to your availability. The field hour requirements are the same as listed on the Courses page.

The main difference is that a large number of virtual placements will be 1:1 tutoring placements. You will be placed with a Bay Area K-12 youth in a math or science tutoring placement and work this student throughout the semester.

For Parents/Guardians

The CalTeach Program is excited to provide opportunities for K-12 students to receive planned enrichment activities, tutoring, support, and/or motivation in understanding math or science through remote/virtual means. First launched in Spring 2020, our STEM Ambassadors program pairs CalTeach students at UC Berkeley with families, with a focus on supporting math or science student learning. Families will be matched with CalTeach students and should expect a confirmation email at that time. Families and their STEM Ambassadors will communicate to finalize meeting schedules and focus topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will my child be tutored?

If your child is in elementary school, they will be tutored 1 hour per week. If your child is in middle or high school, they will be tutored 2 hours per week. This is in line with our CalTeach students who must complete course hour requirements.

What is the likelihood that my child will be matched with a tutor?

This is dependent on both your family and our CalTeach students. Matchings are done on a basis of time and subject availability. We do our best to match everyone. If you are unable to be matched immediately, we will reach out and ask if you would like to be placed on our Reconsideration Priority list. A match is not guaranteed, but you will be among the first we contact should an availability arise.

What subjects can my child be tutored in?

CalTeach is a program for undergraduate STEM majors with an interest in exploring a career in education. Therefore, we offer math and science tutoring only. In addition, CalTeach undergraduate students will occasionally have course assignments including planning lessons and hands-on activities for your child. Part of your participation in our program is to consent to these activites, which are again part of our students' coursework and will always be educational and related to your child's subject of tutoring.

My child participated in the program in a previous semester, and they loved their tutor! Are we able to request the same CalTeach tutor again for a following semester?

We are so glad to hear that your child enjoyed their tutoring experience! Unfortunately, due to the nature of our program, CalTeach students must fulfill different course requirements as they progress through our courses. Thus, it is not possible to re-pair specific tutors/tutees together. You may of course sign up for the program again, and we hope that you enjoy your next experience with the program as well.

Before Your Placement

For Students

  • Before the semester begins, be sure to leave some spaces in your schedule to accommodate your CalTeach course's field placement requirements. If you have concerns, reach out to CalTeach advisors.
  • Read your [STUDENTS] CalTeach Online Enrichment: Best Practices document.
  • Contact your parent/guardian email once your receive your placement confirmation. Introduce yourself, and set up a time to meet before your first session.
  • Email calteachstemambassadors@berkeley.edu immediately if you have any questions or concerns.

For Parents/Guardians

  • Free Fall 2022 Remote tutoring is available now! Please sign up by filling in this form

  • Once you are matched, you will receive an email from us. Please give about a week for your CalTeach tutor to reach out to your email which you provided on the sign-up.
  • Read your [PARENTS] CalTeach Online Enrichment: Best Practices document.
  • It is helpful for CalTeach tutors if you have specific goals or guidelines for your child's growth this semester. We recommend that you give context to your CalTeach tutor about the content your child is working on, where they need help, engagement strategies, etc.
  • Email calteachstemambassadors@berkeley.edu if you have any questions or concerns.

During/After Your Placement

For Students

For Parents/Guardians

  • Please keep in mind that our CalTeach students must fulfill placement hours throughout the semester. Please notify them if you are unable to make a session so that you can work out an alternative.
  • We recommend that you give feedback throughout the semester in terms of what is working and what suggestions you may have.
  • We send out a feedback form at the end of the semester. Please look out for this toward the end of the program. We appreciate your input!
  • If anything comes up, please email calteachstemambassadors@berkeley.edu immediately.