Classroom Based Externships

CalTeach at Berkeley is partnering with several schools, including within Oakland, Berkeley, and Alameda County, Unified School Districts, to offer the an intensive Classroom Based Externship during the last week of winter break. Through this paid intensive fieldwork, you will get first-hand experience in a middle or high school classroom and observe an experienced mentor teacher. The intensive fieldwork total hours varies depending on the school you are placed in and the teacher's schedule.


Students are advised that the participant support stipends, like other scholarships and awards, may adjust their current financial package. It is recommended that students speak to the Financial Aid Office in Sproul Hall to see what, if any, adjustment may occur, or if you any other have concerns regarding the scholarships.


For more information please contact the Program Coordinator at


You must have taken at least two CalTeach courses and be a current undergraduate at the start of the internship. Preferences will be given to students who have declared or will declare a CalTeach (Science and Math Education) Minor.


Online application is available HERE.
Deadline: October 20, 2018