CalTeach 2014–15 Program Highlights

Monday, August 1, 2016

The University of California Science and Math Teacher Initiative (SMI/CalTeach) helps to address California’s shortage of well-qualified K-12 mathematics and science teachers by improving California’s undergraduate pipeline to mathematics and science teaching credentials.

Cal Teach at UC Berkeley is proud to contribute to this initiative through its Science and Math Education Minor and Credential Program.

Since 2006-07, the number of credentials awarded to CalTeach graduates has steadily increased, despite a diminishing number of teacher credentials being awarded across the state. In 2014-15, 308 math, science and supplemental credentials were awarded to alumni of the CalTeach program.

“CalTeach took my love of science and showed me that I had a gift for sharing it with my students.”
— Natalie Behr, MS in Education; Alumna, UCSB CalTeach; Teacher, Orland High School

Across all UC campuses, the majority of CalTeach participants are majoring in STEM fields. Nearly 68 percent of all participants were STEM majors, with most majoring in the biological/life sciences or mathematics/statistics fields.

“It’s the questions they ask and the way they interact with students that sets them apart.”
— Jessica Ullyott; Mentor Teacher, UCSD CalTeach; Teacher, Gompers Prep Academy

In 2014-15, CalTeach students participated in field placements in 196 K-12 schools where they gained real-world classroom experience. Although these field placements occurred throughout the state, in schools with a variety of economic and educational characteristics, nearly 32 percent were low-performing and high-need schools, based on the state’s Academic Performance Index.

“CalTeach is expanding not only the number but the quality of STEM teachers in California.”
— Professor Jeff Remmel, UCSD; Chair, CalTeach Executive Committee

CalTeach has continued its recruitment and preparation of UC undergraduates for careers as math or science teachers. Despite statewide decreases in the number of people entering the teaching profession, CalTeach participation continues to flourish.

Figures and testimonies written above are sampled from the Science and Math Teacher Initiative (CalTeach) 2014–15 Program Highlights Report.