Cal Teach was founded in 2006 to give undergraduates in math and science fields an opportunity to explore a career in education. The Cal Teach Credential Program, the first in the state to grant credentials to undergraduates, was approved four years later. Since awarding its first credential in the fall 2010 semester, 97 students have completed the Cal Teach credential program, and our program is currently growing toward our steady-state goal of granting 50 credentials each year.

In addition to credentialed Cal Teach graduates currently teaching in classrooms across the Bay Area and beyond, Cal Teach undergraduates collectively spend hundreds of hours each year in local classrooms. In the 2012–2013 academic year alone, Berkeley students participating in Cal Teach field placements spent close to 6,500 hours in local public classrooms, working with over 3,000 K–12 students.

Cal Teach Berkeley Enrollment