The CalTeach minor, also known as the minor in Science and Math Education, consists of six courses which explore different aspects of science and mathematics education with an emphasis on secondary-level curricula. While the courses focus on math and science education, any Berkeley undergraduate is eligible to declare and complete the minor.

The CalTeach Minor in Science and Math Education prepares students for a career in the modern public school classroom. With a course sequence designed to work alongside a math, science, or engineering major, the CalTeach minor explores teaching techniques, education research, student cognition, and current issues in public education. The CalTeach minor also prepares undergraduates for the CalTeach Credential Program, a singular opportunity to simultaneously earn a bachelor’s degree and a California math or science teaching credential.

The minor in Science and Math Education requires 6 courses:

  1. EDSTEM 82 or 82T
    K-8 Teaching and Inquiry-Based Lesson Design in the Science and Mathematics Classroom
  2. EDUC 130
    Knowing and Learning in Math and Science
  3. EDUC 131AC
    Classroom Interactions: Focus on Equity in Urban Schools
  4. UGIS/EDUC C122
    Research Methods for Science and Math K–12 Teachers
  5. HISTORY 100ST, 138T, 180T, or 182AT
    History of Science with CalTeach Perspectives Section
  6. EDSTEM 187
    Project-Based Instruction

Finish in Four

There are many ways to complete a bachelor’s degree, the CalTeach minor, and receive your teaching credential in four years. See Course Pathways for suggestions for approaches to completing the recommended course sequence. We will work closely with you and your major advisor to help plan your future courses. Get started by dropping by the Advising & Resource Center or by making an appointment with our Student Services Coordinator.

Transfer Student Pathway

CalTeach works closely with incoming and current transfer students interested in the program to create a manageable course plan that will allow them to complete their degree and the CalTeach minor during their years at UC Berkeley. Take a look at our course pathways or, for more information, get in touch with our Student Services Coordinator.