Student Services Coordinator

The CalTeach program has its own dedicated Student Services Coordinator who is there to answer your questions about our program, its courses, and provide advising resources.

Learn more about our advising services.


The ARC (Advising & Resource Center) is located in 30 Evans Hall and is available to all CalTeach students.

The ARC hosts student advising appointments and drop-in visits, conducted by our peer advisors, and is also home to our inventory of teaching resources that are available for checkout. Though our inventory is unavailable at this time, the peer advisors still provide virtual appointments for advising and resources, and are available by email.

Program Events

CalTeach Program Events encompass kick-off dates, info-session dates, all the way to community events such as Pi Day.

Such Program Events are more often than not hosted by CalTeach faculty! We provide these resources not only to build a sense of community within the program, but also to ensure that students have every possible resource available to them in order to succeed.

Open Hours and Program Events