The lead administrative contact for CalTeach is the program manager.

Our administrative team handles a variety of tasks including:

  • Financial transfers, payments, purchasing, etc.
  • Course scheduling and temporary academic appointments.
  • Application handling and review for special programs.
  • Program and project management.
  • Data control and database management.

To request reimbursements for BSMI related expenses, please use the appropriate form:

Students should submit all completed requests for reimbursement to 30 Evans.

Staff and participants should submit all completed requests for reimbursement to

To track your travel reimbursement, please visit

For BSMI policies and procedures (and to ensure that you are submitting correct documentation) please see:

In order to view these forms, please download and open them in Adobe Reader.

Additionally, you can now complete and submit all forms digitally, with supporting documents. Forms can be signed digitally in Adobe Reader/Acrobat. Please view those instructions here.

Campus Shared Services (CSS) now provides administrative support to BSMI in the areas of Business and Financial Services, Human Resources & Academic Personnel Support, Information Technology, and Research Administration. Contacts for BSMI have not changed. Please continue to submit administrative requests in the manner that you always have. However, because CSS is responsible for processing transactions, you may receive an email or call from CSS staff as they finalize your requests.

Over time, the implementation of Campus Shared Services will allow the entire campus to establish Berkeley-wide best practices and increase cross-team collaboration. For more information about CSS, please visit